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Get 3359541 Auto Surf Visitors, just for joining.

This site claims that you can get 3359541 Auto Surf visitors, just for joining! Here is just some of the types of information provided about each traffic exchange:

* Number of members
* Timer (number of seconds you need to view a site before moving on to the next one)
* Number of bonus credits you get when you join and/or activate your account
* Ratio (the number of sites you have to surf to get a visitor/visitors to your site
* Hit rate

They even let you know how long it is taking to get sites verified!

The only problem I see with this site is that some of the traffic exchanges do NOT appear to be in English, judging from their site name(s). If your site does not cater to International people, then those particular sites would probably be useless to you. I am going to test out a couple of the traffic exchanges that only require me to surf aobout 25 or 50 sites to be verified. If I start to get some responses from any of them. I may continue to work my way dwon the list.

CLICK THIS LINK to check it out for yourself!

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