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Pyrabang Pays YOU to Advertise!

Pyrabang will pay you to advertise your OWN favorite links and information on their network of thousands of members! Until now, you had to pay for pay-per-click advertising to get people to see your ads. You don't have to do that anymore!

PyraBang is a private media network where information circulates based on MERIT alone.

When you post information on our network you invest "bangs" in it. These bangs aquire allocation (ALC) which causes the circulation of your post on thousands of websites in our network. If another member thinks your post will have wide circulation they can even invest in it for a share of the profits! We believe our network will change the face of the internet! A "bang" is worth 1/10 of a cent. When other people invest in information that you post (sites, products and more), you earn profits from their investments!

You can also go GOLD for more benefits! Gold Members decide which posts should circulate on the network. Gold members make a $12.00 bonus when someone they sponsored goes Gold. Gold Members make a 20% commission on investments in their posts! Also, if you remain a free member and someone you refer goes GOLD, the commission goes to the GOLD member directly above you! This makes it worth it to upgrade to GOLD right after you join!


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