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Mysurvey Paid Me $360 So Far!

You may not already know this, but companies will pay you for your opinions of their products and concepts! They spend thousands or even millions of dollars on market research to find out how people will naturally use their products, or to find out if people even think that their product concept is something they would buy or use. Without surveys and product testing, a company could go bankrupt from trying to push a product that nobody wants! Testing is important! That's where you come in!

One of my favorite survey comapnies is called Mysurvey (National Family Opinion - NFO for short). This site is free to join. They will pay you for EVERY screener and EVERY survey that you qualify for and complete! They will NOT waste your time! The screeners generally take less than 3 minutes and the surveys are mostly 10 to 15 minutes long (sometimes longer).

Before you start a survey, you will be given an estimate of the amount of time it will take to complete it. You are compensated in points, which can be redeemed for cash, prizes and merchandise or charity donations!! You can redeem your points with as little as 1,000 points ($10.00), whch is very easy to reach! I personally always choose the cash option, and have received $360.00 from them so far! See more of my checks, if you're not convinced yet!

You also are automatically entered into diferent sweepstakes just for joining, logging in, and for completing screeners and surveys!

CLICK THIS LINK to join free NFO (Mysurvey) today! (Page is a little slow-loading -- please be patient!)

CLICK THIS LINK to join free NFO (Mysurvey) today!

(The signup page is a little slow-loading -- so please be patient!)

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