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Spy on Your Competition's Keywords!

Want to find out the exact Google Adwords keywords and phrases your competition is using to make money? This free keyword research tool allows you to browse Google in real-time and view the Adwords keywords of ANY Adwords advertiser!

This cool tool not only shows you the keywords that any Adwords advertiser is bidding on, but it also shows you a lot of other information, like how much they're paying per click, average clicks per day, which keywords are a waste of time, which keywords convert the best and so on.

I have personally used this tool, and would recommend it to anyone interested in advertising! Even if you don't use Adwords, you will know which keywords or phrases to use to optimize your own webpages. You could still be listed on the first page of Google search results without paying for Adwords, if you know which keywords to use on your site. Getting listed in the organic search results (the free listings directly underneath the paid sponsor links) can drive a lot of traffic to your site for FREE!

CLICK HERE to download the free research tool today!

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Pyrabang Pays YOU to Advertise!

Pyrabang will pay you to advertise your OWN favorite links and information on their network of thousands of members! Until now, you had to pay for pay-per-click advertising to get people to see your ads. You don't have to do that anymore!

PyraBang is a private media network where information circulates based on MERIT alone.

When you post information on our network you invest "bangs" in it. These bangs aquire allocation (ALC) which causes the circulation of your post on thousands of websites in our network. If another member thinks your post will have wide circulation they can even invest in it for a share of the profits! We believe our network will change the face of the internet! A "bang" is worth 1/10 of a cent. When other people invest in information that you post (sites, products and more), you earn profits from their investments!

You can also go GOLD for more benefits! Gold Members decide which posts should circulate on the network. Gold members make a $12.00 bonus when someone they sponsored goes Gold. Gold Members make a 20% commission on investments in their posts! Also, if you remain a free member and someone you refer goes GOLD, the commission goes to the GOLD member directly above you! This makes it worth it to upgrade to GOLD right after you join!


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Leave Comments on Other People's Blogs!

One of the easiest ways to get traffic to your site or blog is to visit other people's blogs and to leave a useful comment for them including a link leading back to your site. Most people will appreciate the gesture, and will want to know more about the people visitng their blog. They may visit your site and leave a comment for you too. The links that you post on other people's blogs are called back links or a one-way links. Google sends more traffic to your site based on the number of links leading back to your site. I guess, Google looks at sites with lots of links leading back to them as having valuable content, and in turn, sends them more traffic. The more one-way links leading back to your site, the more traffic and money you will earn!

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Splash Your Way to the Top!

Traffic-Splash is a manual traffic exchange that has consistently been ranked among the Top 5 for a very long time! They always have lots of contests going on for chances to win free traffic, and upgrades! You also can win free traffic while surfing. So, the more you surf, the more free traffic you can earn! With 57,552 faithful and responsive members, your site, blog or affiliate link will get the exposure it needs to get you results! Even as a free member, you can generate up to 250 hits per hour, but if you upgrade to a paid member, you can generate up to 750 hits per hour! Very powerful! If you ever find yourself with little or no time to surf, they do sometimes offer excellent deals to buy additional page views, whenever they have a surplus. This traffic exchange has proven itself to be effective! Don't waste time surfing exchanges that are not consistently listed in the Top 20!

to join right now!

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